Suse webmail server, postfix + cyrus + squirrelmail

we gonna install a Suse webmail server in a just few steaps, firts of all we install:

-Apache2 by yast

-Cyrus imap pop3

-imap server

-Ldap by yast too

-then we go to network services in yast, and we install mail server, that is the tool who is goin to config the webmail server with postfix cyrus and ldap.

-we can allways install openmailadmin and mysql to administrated cyrus

-then to have a webmail client we can use squirrelmail and install it into the web directory.

to config squirrelmail, we go to the squirrelmail config folder and we do ./config then the config window will show, after that, we choice option D then cyrus for autoconfig.

at this point we allready have a webmail server up and runing )

and thats all, i hope this can help to set up a fast webmail server.

any question


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