Installing OpenBSD in 5 steps

We gonna install OpenBSD 4.0 i386 in 5 steps.

1. download the cd40.iso from and then burn it on a cd as a iso.

2. Download the rest on the directory from and then burn them as a files.

3. Start the installation with the cd40.iso cd, it will take you to the partition program.
To create partition is simple, if for example we have a 80 gb HD we will do this on >

>a a 70bg then enter mont point /
>a b 1gb then enter for swap
for view the partition you can use >p
or >d for deleting partitions exalple >d a
the partition C cant be deleted, cause is part of the system )
>q then enter to start the installation.

it will ask you to start the installation the you say yes )

and when it ask for the files change the cd and install the rest, remember to tell to the installation the exact path for example if u burn the files directly then the path will be “/” and if you burn the files as 4.0 then the path will be 4.0 ) .

4. If u like to get dhcp then when asking about network put: dhcp

5. When finish halt the machine, then reboot, welcome to OpenBSD World )


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